About Ganesh Patil Mitra Mandal Details!

Founder and History

" Ganesh Patil Mitra Mandal has established in the year 2008 for Social, Youth Gathering activity.
Social Activities are like: 1) NoteBook Donation to Poor Students. 2) Avards to Ideal Farmer for every year 3) Vally Ball Tournament. 4) Cricket Tournaments every year " Tq: Deoni, Dist:Latur"

Phone Number: 02385-266152
H.M. Number: 9823844744

About Ganesh Patil !!!

:- Ganesh Patil Has completed MS in Advanced Networking and Wireless Communication from IIIT, Pune in the year Dec-2007 !!

:- Has completed BE in Electronics and Telecommunication from JNEC, Aurangabad in the year June-2005 !!

:- Has appeared for 3 years course of Bachelor of LLB from SRTMU Nanded from June-2014 !!

is currently working in MNC Pune. From last 8 Years, he has experience in the field of IT in Networking and Telecom (Wireless communication) with VOIP technology with profile as Principal Quality Annalist. He has experience in the fields like VMware, SAN(Storage), LAN, WAN and Networking and Protocol testing. He has work experience in the Company like Avaya Ind. Pvt. Ltd, Exfo Electr Pvt. Ltd, Pune. His hobbies other than carrier are social activity, playing crickets etc.

Personal Contact Details:

Email ID's: ganesh9ps@gmail.com; ganesh9ps@yahoo.com; ganesh@ganeshpatil.in
Contact Numbers: +91-9823176626; 9823844744